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Our platform lets you perform maintenance, repairs, rennovations, emergency and guest support with click of a button

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All-in-one solution to manage your property and guests on the ground

We know what it takes to manage vacation property and guests on the ground, that's why designed a complete solution for all services you need to manage your property on the ground.

If you don't see the service you need in the list, we will happily do it upon request

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5 stars guest rating guarantee

If you receive less than 5 stars cleanliness rating, we will fully refund you the cleaning fees of that booking.

Yes, that's how confident we are of our cleaning and guest support services.

We've built a smart platform that lets you keep 100% control of your property from anywhere in the world
Our platform automatically syncs with your Airbnb & Homeaway calendar and intelligently schedules all needed tasks

We know when your guests are going to check out so we can send our cleaners immediately to clean the property for your next guest

Even more: you can customize automated tasks to be triggered based on certain events such when guests checks out

Fixed and on-demand pricing model that doesn't take cut from your rental revenue

We don't believe in taking fees from your revenue. Instead, we ask for fixed monthly subscription fee and charge fixed price per completed task. The results: thousands of dollars of savings compared to traditional property management, and a complete control of your management budget.

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You could keep up to additional $16,900.00 of your rental revenue by switching to GuestBot

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  • Online scheduling platform
  • Emergency tasks handling
  • Manage and keep history of all activities in your property
  • Automatic synchronization with listing calendars
  • Automated task scheduling based on property calendar
  • Access to rapidly growing list of on-ground partners network

Note: tasks ordered through GuestBot (such as repairs, photography, cleaning, emergency services,.. etc) have separate fees which are based on task nature, amount of work and property size.Click here for pricing details

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