Frequently Asked Questions



How does property management work via GuestBot?

GuestBot is designed to provide you the highest flexibility for your property management. Via GuestBot we provide all the tasks you need to maintain, repair and rennovate your property. Our smart platform will automatically sync with your listing calendar and automatically schedule cleaning tasks to keep your property clean for each guest. Additionally, we provide emergency repairs and guest support 24/7.

Our platform is desgined to provide both hands-on and hands-off management, you can can either order tasks manually or let us schedule the maintenance and repairs in addition to handling guest support calls.

How is it different from other property management companies?

We're different because we developed a platform that will give you a complete control of your property from anywhere in the world. Our platform not only gives you the ability to control and customize all management aspects of your property, it also provides you a complete automated solution combined with our on-ground services. All you have to do is link your Airbnb & Homeaway calendars and let our automated platform take control (while also giving you the option to control). It will automatically schedule cleaning tasks, mainteance tasks and respond to guest support

I'm thinking of switching from traditional full-service property management to GuestBot management, what else do I need to do ?

To make the transition as smooth as possible, consider the following steps:
1- Set up your GuestBot account
2- (Optional) Order property inspection via GuestBot
3- If you don't have Airbnb listing already, we recommend ordering professional photography for your listing unless you already have photos
4- Set up your listing online via Airbnb, Homeaway, VRBO and other online platforms
5- Link your Airbnb & Homeaway calendar to GuestBot
6- That's it, start accept bookings and we will automaically schedule cleaning based on your calendar

Do you provide rental listing marketing like professional management companies?

No, but with the dominance of online platforms such as Airbnb & Homeaway, you can easily do this yourself and save a lot of money. Many owners successfully list their properties on websites like Airbnb & Homeaway. However, if you still feel unable to list your property, we recommend outsouring listing management to companies dedicated to this (such as Evolve Vaction Rentals) and let GuestBot manage your property on the ground. Such companies take fees from your revenue, but it's much less than traditional full-service management and you will still be saving a lot.

How is GuestBot cheaper than full-service property management?

Full service management companies charge their fees based on how much revenue your rental property grosses, this can be up to 40% of your revenue. However, the cost of property maintenace is relatively small compared to the fees they take.

With GuestBot, we charge $50/month platform subscription fees in addition to maintenace per-task fees. Statistically the number of tasks required to maintain a property per year is very small, and the total cost of such tasks completed via GuestBot will be much smaller than what a property management company takes.

Why do you charge platform subscription fees?

Subscription fees cover the overhead for keeping the platform up and running and to provide 24/7 support for regular & emergency task scheduleing

What is your cancellation policy?

You can cancel your subscrition any time. Just let us know whenever you want to cancel it.