Take complete control of your management budget
Our transparent and fixed pricing gives you complete control of your budget and allows you to save thousands of dollars compared to traditional full service management companies

Get full access to GuestBot online platform through monthly subscription


  / month

per property

  • Online scheduling platform
  • Emergency tasks handling
  • Manage and keep history of all activities in your property
  • Automatic synchronization with listing calendars
  • Automated task scheduling based on property calendar
  • Access to rapidly growing list of on-ground partners network

Task fees

We charge fees per completed task to cover fees of on-ground partners. Our fees are comparable to what you would normally pay for any contractor if you would self-manage your proeprty, except you will have complete control, tracking system and 24/7 availablility through our online platform.

Tasks fees are based on nature of task, amount of work, property size and labor and material (if any). Please select your property size to see an estimate of prices.

Property size

1 bedroom
ServiceService fee
Housekeeping: Deep cleaning
Deep cleaning for your property, recommended every 6 months
Housekeeping: Turnover
Prepare your property for the next guest
Repairs (Service Visit)
Repairs any electrical, plumbing, AC and pool issues. Listed fee is for diagnosis visit, additional material and labor fees may apply
Monthly Maintenance
Recommended monthly maintenance service includes inspection, AC, pool, pest control & lawn care
Send representative to guest or other crews (e.g. cable install..etc)
$60 / hr
Home Inspection
Inspect your house for defects that will impact your guests experience
Take a beautiful profressional photos for your property listing
Other projects
Rennovation, equipment installation and other repair projects
based on project
Common pricing questions
How is GuestBot cheaper than full-service property management?

Full service management companies charge their fees based on how much revenue your rental property grosses, this can be up to 40% of your revenue. However, the cost of property maintenace is relatively small compared to the fees they take.

With GuestBot, we charge $50/month platform subscription fees in addition to maintenace per-task fees. Statistically the number of tasks required to maintain a property per year is very small, and the total cost of such tasks completed via GuestBot will be much smaller than what a property management company takes.

Why do you charge platform subscription fees?

Subscription fees cover the overhead for keeping the platform up and running and to provide 24/7 support for regular & emergency task scheduleing

What is your cancellation policy?

You can cancel your subscrition any time. Just let us know whenever you want to cancel it.