We make your rental a 5-star experience
Our network of on-ground staff will provide you virtually any type of service from maintaining your property to responding to your guests for 24/7


Housekeeping Services

Our cleaning services will always keep your property ready for 5-star guests experience.

  • Post-checkout cleaning to get your property ready for your next guest with automated synchronization with your listing calendar
  • Deep cleaning services to ensure your property is always in greatest state
  • Pressure washing for your exterior

Regular & Urgent Repair Services

We provide repair services for any type of issues you may run into in your rental property.

  • Electrical repairs
  • Plumbing repairs
  • Air conditioning
  • Other repairs (Pool, Applicances,..etc)
  • Emergency electrical, plumbing & AC repair services available 24/7

Maintenance & Inspection Services

Keeping your property always a 5-star experience means regular mainteance and inspection, luckily you can order those services easily via GuestBot.

  • Pest control & Lawn care services
  • Pool maintenance
  • AC tune-up
  • Inspection for defects


Professional and beautiful photos of your rental listing is the most imporant secret to increase your bookings. That's why we provide this service for our customers. With a click of a button, we can schedule a photoshoot with one of our professional photographers.

And even more

Whatever project you have in mind, we will provide the support and services to complete it. Whether it's repair, rennovation, furniture upgrade or even sending someone to represent you for cable provider installation. We will be there for you. Through our online platform you will have unlimited possibilities at much cheaper rates than traditional full sevice property management.